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The Friendly Atheist covers a new Gallop poll on America’s general ignorance of Evolutionary theory.

I find it interesting that we use the word “believe” when talking about Evolution.

I’m willing to allow that persons who claim scientific backing are on all sides of this debate. (That is a matter of peer review and I’m not a scientific peer.) And so while, simplistically, this is a matter of “Creation vs Evolution”, A or B, Black and White, the reality is, for most people this should be measured on a scale other than belief, yes?

“Do you accept the general theory, supported by these (names), scientists of XYZ qualifications, that all the universe was (Created Ex Nihilo or Randomly Evolved)?”

And mightn’t there be a lot of grey between those two poles?

While an Atheist might object to an idea like “Creation Science”, as a person of faith I object to the idea of “Evolution Belief”. Outside of certain churches that encode certain things into their statement of faith or liturgies, and certain fundies in any church, most churches – and church goers – could stand on any side of the issue without any trouble. It’s no more a matter of revealed truth than is gravity or algebra or Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

Huw Richardson wroted this on June 12th, 2007

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