Emergent Atheism?

Friendly Atheist points us to a interesting article in the Boston Globe focusing on Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard.

Humanist Chaplain?


F.A. admits the article exaggerates the controversy, but I found this “fundamentalist Atheist” response to Epstein to be interesting:

“…This is Gen-X humanism for the Passionately Confused, and owes almost nothing to philosophy, intellectual commitment, or serious political involvement. It’s about bringing people to the table because eating together is always nice. Family-time, yes?”

In other words, the quoted Atheist (at least) is using *exactly* the same sort of objections about Xers in his religion as fundie Christians say about Emergent Church folks. I find that very interesting.

I don’t know if it says a lot about Emergent Church or a lot about GenX or a lot about Fundies (or all three). But I suddenly feel I’ve a lot more in common with Epstein than with some who claim to be Christian.

Just sayin…

Huw Richardson wroted this on September 16th, 2007

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