A.D. X Kal. Oct.

The twenty second day of September being the second day of the moon.

At St. Maurice, near Sion in Switzerland, the birthday of the holy Theban martyrs Maurice, Exuperius, Candidus, Victor, Innocent, and Vitalis, with their companions of the same legion, whose martyrdom for the faith during the time of Maximian filled the world with the glory of their sufferings.

At Rome, the martyrdom of the holy virgins and martyrs Digna and Emerita, under Valerian and Gallienus. Their relics are kept in the church of St. Marcellus.

At Ratisbon in Bavaria, St. Emmeramus, bishop and martyr, who patiently endured a most cruel death for the sake of our Lord, in order to set others free.

At Arpajon, near Paris, St. Jonas, priest and martyr, who went to France along with St. Denis. After he was scourged by the order of the prefect Julian, his martyrdom was ended by the sword.

At Antinopolis in Egypt, the holy martyrs Irais, an Alexandrian virgin, and her companions. Having gone out to draw water at a near-by fountain, and seeing a boat loaded with Christian confessors, she immediately left her vessel and joined them. She was conducted to the city with them, and after many torments she was the first to have her head struck off. After her, priests, deacons, virgins, and all others underwent the same kind of death.

On the same day Peter, the chief collector of taxes in Africa in the service of the emperor Justinian. He was a cruel and merciless man. One day he threw a morsel of bread to a beggar who annoyed him by incessantly begging alms. In a vision Peter saw himself as dead and how the holy Angels weighed his deeds on the scale of the righteous judgment of God. On the side of good deeds nothing was placed except a morsel of bread, thrown at the beggar, but this prevented the opposite side from being pulled down by his vicious deeds. In contemplation of this dream, Peter retired to a life of asceticism and prayer and reposed peacefully in the Lord.

At Rome, Pope St. Felix IV, who laboured exceedingly for the Catholic faith.

On Mount Athos in the Zographou Monastery, the Venerable Cosmas who reposed peacefully in the Lord after a life of fervent prayer and humility.

At Meaux, blessed Sanctinus, bishop, a disciple of St. Denis the Areopagite, by whom he was consecrated bishop of that city, and was the first to preach the Gospel there.

At Sinope, now in Turkey, Bishop Phocas who, after fierce torture was enclosed in a hot bath, where he died.

In the same city, Holy Martyr Phocas the Gardener, who played host to his own executioners in Christian charity and humility before submitting to death for his faith.

In Palestine, Jonah the Presbyter, father of Sts Theophanes the Hymnographer (October 11) and Theodore the Branded (December 27).

In the monastery at Yash Lake, Jonah the Abbot

At Zhabynka, the Venerable Macarius the Wonderworker.

The Eastern rites also commemorate today the Holy Prophet Jonah

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God!

Holy Saints, pray to God for us!

Read today’s posting announcing tomorrow’s saints is traditionally read at the office of Prime. Sources for this (Mostly) daily series: The Oxford Dictionary of the Saints, the Roman Catholic Martyrology, St Nikolai’s Prolog, Butler’s Lives of the Saints and, The Celtic Year by Shirley Toulson. These postings use the Revised Julian Paschalion of the New Calendar Eastern Rites

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