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Tomorrow, Tuesday following the 3rd Sunday before Advent, being the 13th day of November and the 25th day of the Moon, the Church Militant calls to mind…

At Ravenna, the birthday of the holy martyrs Valentine, Salutor, and Victor, who suffered under Emperor Diocletian.

At Aix, in the province of Narbonne, the renowned martyr, blessed Mitrius.

At Caesarea in Palestine, the martyrdom of the Saints Antoninus, Zebina, Germanus, and the virgin Ennatha. Under Galerius Maximian, Ennatha was scourged and burned alive, while the others, for boldly reproaching the governor Firmilian for his idolatry in sacrificing to the gods, were beheaded.

In Africa, the holy martyrs Arcadius, Paschasius, Probus, and Eutychian, Spaniards who absolutely refused to yield to the Arian perfidy, during the persecution of the Vandals. Accordingly, they were condemned by the Arian king Genseric, driven into exile, and finally, after being subjected to fearful tortures, were put to death in divers manners. At that time there was also seen the constancy of the small boy Paulillus, brother of the Saints Paschasius and Eutychian. Because he could not be turned from the Catholic faith, he was long beaten with rods and sentenced to the lowest servitude.

At Rome, Pope St. Nicholas, distinguished for the apostolic spirit.

At Tours in France, St. Brice, bishop, a disciple of the blessed Bishop Martin.

At Toledo in Spain, St. Eugene, bishop.

In Auvergne in France, St. Quinctian, bishop.

At Cremona, in the duchy of Milan, St. Homobonus, confessor, renowned for miracles, whom Innocent III placed among the saints.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God!

Holy Saints, pray to God for us!

Traditionally read at the office of Prime in the early dawn, today’s reading always announces tomorrow’s saints and feasts: a liturgical heads-up, as it were. Sources for this (Mostly) daily series: The Oxford Dictionary of the Saints, the Roman Catholic Martyrology, St Nikolai’s Prolog, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, the OCA’s daily saints calendar, and, The Celtic Year by Shirley Toulson. These postings use the Revised Julian Paschalion of the New Calendar Eastern Rites

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