Kal. Dec.

Tomorrow, Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent, being the 1st day of December and the 12th day of the Moon, the Church Militant calls to mind…

The prophet Nahum, who was buried in Bagabar.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Diodorus, a priest, and Marian, a deacon, with many others, while they were observing the birthdays of the martyrs in the catacombs. They were made partakers in the glory of martyrdom when the persecutors, by order of Emperor Numerian, walled up the door of the oratory and piled up a great mass of stones against it.

Also in Rome, the martyrdom of the Saints Lucius, Rogatus, Cassian, and Candida.

At Narni, St. Proculus, bishop and martyr, who, after performing many good works, was beheaded by order of Totila, king of the Goths.

At Casale, St. Evasius, bishop and martyr.

The same day, St. Ansanus, martyr, who confessed Christ at Rome, and was cast into prison in the time of Emperor Diocletian. Afterwards he was taken to Siena in Tuscany, where he ended the course of his martyrdom by beheading.

At Amelia in Umbria, St. Olympias, ex-consul, who was converted to the faith by blessed Firmina, was tortured on the rack, and under Diocletian achieved martyrdom.

At Arbela in Persia, St. Ananias, martyr.

At Milan, St. Castritian, bishop, who was eminent for virtues and the practice of pious and religious deeds during the greatest troubles of the Church.

At Brescia, St. Ursicinus, bishop.

At Noyon in Belgium, St. Eligius, bishop, whose life is rendered illustrious by a considerable number of miracles.

At Verdun in France, St. Agericus, bishop.

The same day, St. Natalia, wife of the blessed martyr Adrian, in the time of Emperor Diocletian. She long served the holy martyrs imprisoned at Nicomedia, and when their trials were over, went to Constantinople where she peacefully went to her rest in the Lord.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God!

Holy Saints, pray to God for us!

Traditionally read at the office of Prime in the early dawn, today’s reading always announces tomorrow’s saints and feasts: a liturgical heads-up, as it were. Sources for this (Mostly) daily series: The Oxford Dictionary of the Saints, the Roman Catholic Martyrology, St Nikolai’s Prolog, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, the OCA’s daily saints calendar, and, The Celtic Year by Shirley Toulson. These postings use the Revised Julian Paschalion of the New Calendar Eastern Rites

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