A.D. III Id. Dec.

Tomorrow, Tuesday following the 2nd Sunday of Advent, being the 11th day of December and the 22nd day of the Moon, the Church Militant calls to mind…

At Rome, St. Damasus, pope and confessor, who condemned the heresiarch Apollin·ris, and restored to his See Peter, bishop of Alexandria, who had been driven from it. He also discovered the bodies of many holy martyrs and composed verses in their honour.

Also at Rome, St. Thrason. He was arrested by order of Maximian for supporting with his goods the Christians who laboured in the baths and at other public works, and those confined in jail. He was crowned with martyrdom with two others, Pontian and prÊtextatus.

At Amiens in France, the holy martyrs Victoricus and Fuscian, under the same emperor. By order of Governor Rictiovarus, they had iron pins driven into their ears and nostrils, heated nails into their temples, and arrows into their bodies and their eyes torn out. They were beheaded with St. GÈntian, their guest, and they passed to the Lord.

In Persia, St. Barbabas, martyr.

In Spain, St. Eutychius, martyr.

At Piacenza, St. Sabinus, bishop, renowned for miracles.

At Constantinople, St. Daniel Stylites.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God!

Holy Saints, pray to God for us!

Traditionally read at the office of Prime in the early dawn, today’s reading always announces tomorrow’s saints and feasts: a liturgical heads-up, as it were. Sources for this (Mostly) daily series: The Oxford Dictionary of the Saints, the Roman Catholic Martyrology, St Nikolai’s Prolog, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, the OCA’s daily saints calendar, and, The Celtic Year by Shirley Toulson. These postings use the Revised Julian Paschalion of the New Calendar Eastern Rites

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