I am amused by the (Western Rite Orthodox) feast of Corpus Christi falling on 4 July this year. It’s a rarity because of how late Pascha was, and while I know it probably didn’t happen, my inner Church Geek was stirred by images of Corpus Christi processions singing hymns as they moved past cookouts and fireworks.

There is no denying that many Americans think of this as a “Christian Nation” without ever wondering what “Christian” means. There is equally no denying that we are not – by any stretch of the meaning – a Christian nation. Pick any definition you want – from Radical Right to Radical Left – we are not a Christian Nation.

So I am seeing these Processions (which didn’t happen, because most or all of the pastors said “our people have something else to do, let’s put these off until later…”) and imagining the witness: “Put not your trust in princes, in Sons of Men in whom there is no salvation. Here is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords silently offering himself for you. To make your life a Christian life, do the same – to make your house a Christian House, do the same. TO make your nation Christian, do the same.”

And as the procession moves past the BBQ, maybe a child turns to watch and wonders at the meaning.

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