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I’m on a journey: God-ward, I pray. Love-ward. They are the same thing.Spiritually I’ve been Southern Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Pagan, Gnostic, Episcopalian again, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian again (3rd time’s a charm!). Eastern Orthodox.

You might want to say “he converts good” but I think it’s more honest to say I’m on a journey. I am a self-identified Christian (even when I was a pagan!). I believe God’s love for the world is real and that it was best shown to us in the person of the Preacher from Nazareth. That’s not enough, however: that love must be constantly shown forth in our lives daily. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” When we fail in showing forth that love the world goes dark. I will never be worthy of the love God has shown me. I hope to find how to best show that infinite love to others.

At the same time I’m warmly and deeply in love with the religion of Jesus, Judaism, not in the sense of being a “Jewish Christian” or what is often called a “Messianic Gentile” (God forbid!) but wondering if Jesus ever intended to start more than a movement, a kehilla, a community which got out of hand.

I’m self-identified as a gay man. I made no choice to be attracted to men, but I do make a choices to act on it or not. I believe it is possible for two people of the same sex to love each other and in that love mirror God’s love to the world. I believe it’s possible for all forms of love to mirror God’s love to the world. My “logical family” or family-of-choice (as opposed to biological family) includes a Sean Franc and his Boyfriend, Jay, both of whom I love dearly. My Tribe – extended family, if you will – includes a handful, maybe more, of close friends, ex lovers, soul mates and heart mates, spiritual fellow travelers and dancing partners. It’s not traditional: it just works.

But I’m not a “Gay Christian“. I reject “Gay Christian” because I’m willing to admit I’m wrong. I’m not pitting my 45+ years of experience in my skin against 4000 years of Judeo-Christian moral tradition. I don’t expect my halting theological steps to be yours: but even so, I might be wrong.

The Church does not need to change: by God’s grace I’m man enough, adult enough, to be challenged by a preacher, thanks. And I’ve heard it all my life. I’m still here – struggling to work out my salvation.

I’ve lived in more places places than I’ve practiced religions: Atlanta, Acworth, Ozark, Fort Gaines, Warner Robbins, Hainesville, Wurtsboro, Acworth, Wurtsboro, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Astoria, San Francisco, Asheville, Buffalo… As of October 2010 I’m back in San Francisco. My whole family is here (although the tribe is not). The Boy and his Boyfriend are here. I’m Poppa Bear.

I’m looking for friends, mentors, fellow-travelers, teachers, seekers, muses, lovers, buddies and a whole lot of relationships that don’t suck to help me with envelope pushing, reality changing and time travel.

I’m 48, a double Virgo and in Asian terms I’m Dragon/Monkey/Rabbit. In Vedic astrology I’m a Leo. Make some sense out of all that if you can.

I’ve a BA in Integral Studies from The California Institute of Integral Studies. I work in a successful DotCompany here in SF as a trainer and a senior CSR. I’ve always called CS my “monastic practice” and, after 15 years, I think I’ve learned enough to teach it – which is good because teaching make me very happy. I’ve fallen madly in love with life all over again (just recently, really) and I’m finding out what that means. I’m on a journey.

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